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About SchoolBix

SchoolBix Culture

SchoolBix SMS (School Management System) deveoped as a real world solution for Academic Institutions day to day office and academics needs in the era of most advanced information in the human history. SchoolBix operational features make Schools and other Educational Institutions to achieve the best synery with the staff and students academics.

SchoolBix Technology

To acomplish the need of an Information Technology best ever solution on Indian soil, SchoolBix hosted with Indian Datacenter ensuring industry standard performance and backups of precious data.

SchoolBix designed and developed using latest technology that enables it for highest level of scalaing and customization abilities.

DataBix Solutions, the initiators of SchoolBix is a pioneer establishment focused mainly on secure online software development. SchoolBix school management system owns a strong client testimony for boosting productivity and efficiency of academic administration.

Why To Choose SchoolBix?

- Price Efficient Agile Online Application

- Easy Learning Curve

- Most Affordable

- Always ready for Customization

- Elaborated and custom reportings

- 24/7 Dedicated Human Support